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WAMP is a windows web development environment that allows you to create web applications with Apache , Php Mysql. (Windows – Apache – Php – Mysql ).  You can install it after you download a compatible file from . Wamp is very easy to install and takes about an avarage of 5 minutes to complete depending on your computer’s hardware configuration. If there is an IIS (internet information server) or another application using port 80 already installed, wamp server won’t start apache server after installation. To solve this problem you can change the port used by Apache Server.

How can I change Apache Port in WAMP?

To do this, open http.conf file in wamp directory with text editor. (C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.4.9\conf\httpd.conf this is my directory path, your path may be a little different). And change Listen [::0]:80 lines to Listen [::0]:8888. Then click “restart all services” button on Wamp Server tryicon menu. That’s all.

You can test new port with the following Url : http://localhost:8888/


XCoders Site Seo Analyzer

site seo analyzer

Hi all,

I developed an application for web site tag analyze, I called it XCoders Site Seo Analyzer. This program can help you to analyze your html tags in your web site. You can see a, img, h1, h2 tag list with details. You can see  broken links in the warning list.

I uploaded the application in and I licensed it with MIT license. So you can use it free for personal or commercial use.

Today I’ve got a mail from softpedia. They reviewed my application and they created a  download page with a review attached for my application. Thanks Michaela Citeo for the review, I couldn’t have explained it like her :)

You can  click here to see my application review and you can download it from softpedia.

Or you can click here to download directly from

If you have any questions you can contact me :